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Flexibility / Innovation / Creativity

We devote maximum commitment and skills to work which we do. We realize how important is the image of your brand, company or product, that is why each project we make individually and in a professional manner.

Web design

Who we are?

Whowe are?

Codesta Design is a creative and innovative agency dedicated to designing functional and attractive websites.
We are proud that over the years as many business customers trusted us.

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Our offer


We specialize in the design and implementation of functional web sites that successfully care for a positive image of their respective owners. We are constantly implementing new, stable technologies, which is why our projects are created based on current and applicable solutions. Each project is preceded by a thorough analysis of the needs of our customers, as well as their competition.
In the end, we get the product for maximum effectiveness and efficiency, reaching the audience, which positively promotes and stands. Our offer is very diverse and practically has no limitations.
Check out what we have to offer.

Web sites

Unique and attractive design are based on the latest current trends, attracting target groups.


We create from the beginning: online stories with a clean interface, their service is functional and secure.


We design applications for any functionality which make easier business operations.

Data base

We create any database just like the customer’s reaquirements.


Knowledge about the company with extensive substantive content of the company. It builds a positive image of the company and maintains contacts with customers.


Company Internet, industry hubs. Media links. Business advertising. Multimedia folders. Occasional side.

Our specialization


Web sites design

We provide a professional website design, which is tailored to the specifics of your business. We create unique graphics and the use of many modern technologies. Encoding page requires a commitment from us and the amount of work, takes into account also semantics of the code, SEOOptimizing the code page designed for search engines and compatibility of the page with current standards. Encode based on the language PHPScripting language designed to create applications, HTMLhypertext markup language/XHTMLCurrently used to build websites and JavaScriptJavaScript is a scripting language elements.

Professional Web Design www


Dedicated applications

At your request we design and create any applications, and dedicated systems that allow you to save time and money through the introduction of exciting improvements in the management of the company. We are characterized, above all, creative approach so that we can in 100% meet your requirements and offer many original solutions.

Dedicated applications, ston online


Copyright stores

Do you want to succeed in e-commercePurchases of goods and services carried out through the network? Come to us, we design innovative copyright stores. Its biggest advantage is transparency, intuitive operation and interesting graphics. In the design phase maximum attention focused is on functionality. We know how to make to attract customers to you, and not one-off, but those who are willing to return to re-purchase.

Projektowanie stron internetowych

Integration of stores

Online payments

Fully automatic posting online facilitates work and execution of orders. It is a safe and convenient form of settlements with the client catalog.Comfortable and modern, and secure online payment


Sending and sending orders directly from the store’s. Label printing, monitoring of shipments. Automatic notifications about the status of delivery.Parcels can be tracked by the customers of the shop

Services auction

Integration with online auction allows convenient and efficient sale. We have tools for automatic handling of known auction sites.Successful sale via the integrated auction services

Customer’s opinion

Let known what customer think about products and services, you can now control their quality. Idependent services which gives their opinion increase the credibility and importance of your brand.An independent assessment of purchases

Social network

The presence in social media is now a necessity. Engages customers in a discussion on the quality of products and services. Strengthens loyalty and builds trust store.The presence in social media is a necessity today

Analysis of trends

Sales statistics and trend analysis allows access to data and knowledge that help optimize sales. Mercilessly emerge weaknesses of your store.Statistics of direct sales

The main feature of our stores is their comfort and simple operation, and satisfied customers always come back to re-purchase.
Designing and printing

Advertising printing

Traditional advertising is still very important, it is the perfect complement to Internet marketing. We design any advertising materials for printing. It may be, for example, business cards, leaflets, brochures, gadgets, or posters, as well as detailed product catalogs. We are able to provide professional designs, tailored to the requirements of our customers. We have a wide range of materials and print with very high quality, and thanks to the cooperation with the best printers, we offer you the highest quality of service. Let us know your idea, and certainly we will realize it and also we add something from us.

Design, print advertising

Online banners

Web banner is an attractive form of online advertising that will certainly be noticed by Internet users. We offer both substantive development, as well as graphics. Not only the image is important but also the displayed content. We are able to design innovative, dynamic banners, which include interactive elements. At your request we also create traditional static banners. We specialize in designing banners product that apply mainly to sales campaigns, as well as banners information. Our web banners will be noticed by everybody, because are characterized by a high CTR.

Advertising campaigns

Sponsored links

Well-planned and carried out campaign of sponsored links can achieve high sales results. We are aware of this, which is why we provide effective use of advertising budget and low commissions. Moreover, we offer professional advice at every stage of the project. Our consultants will answer all your questions and concerns. We optimize campaigns according to business objectives, so surely you will be satisfied with our work.

Sponsored links

Multimedia presentations

Long-term cooperation with clients allows us to constantly improve our skills. We are constantly looking for the best solutions that increase functionality and originality of our projects. This allows us to offer a wide range of multimedia presentations. Solutions of this kind prove to be a great supplement to training or social campaigns. We use modern solutions and implement the most interesting ways to present information. We are happy to use the scripts, enabling the administration of the presentation from the panel. In our offer you can find different sets of templates that you can use to create text slides, graphics, charts and a gallery. We specialize mainly in custom solutions.

Brand image

Visual identity

Advertising materials can considerably enhance the brand image-building campaigns. The most important is its originality, quality and performance. Ordered in our projects of this kind are always reliably prepared from the basics. Our duties include selection of colors, logo design, print. We rely on the originality and unique look, catchy passwords. Designed by our advertising materials arouse positive associations and appeal to the emotions of customers. At the same time clearly indicate the specific business or service. We are open to all your suggestions and ideas. Together we will create the best project that will create a new, positive image of the brand.

Positive image of brand
SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization

Even the best company cannot succeed unless will be on the first pages of the search. That is why you will find our offer web positioning service, which enables you to effectively promote your site for the interesting phrases. Proper optimization of website is very important, it allows us to customize the size to the guidelines of search engines, such as Google. The same optimizing pages for keywords is not enough. Equally important is the analysis of the page, and the pages of the competition, the be able to quickly respond to emerging changes and news. Ongoing monitoring of the page to conduct regular statistics, as well as the reaction to the results. With our help your establish an online presence and on the first pages of search engine results.

SEO code optimization

Web design

website CODESTA Design

Codesta Design is a creative and innovative agency dedicated to designing functional and attractive websites.
We are proud that over the years as many business customers trusted us. We devote maximum commitment and skills to work which we do. We realize how important is the image of your brand, company or product, that is why each project we make individually and in a professional manner. Using innovative tools, we are able to meet all your requirements and the need, we constantly expand our offer of additional services. Currently we offer, among others Web Design, creating visual identity, promotion of web marketing and implementation of functional solutions tailored specifically for chosen industry.
Why use our services? Properly designed website in an effective and fast way can appeal to the target audience and thus can be change into real benefits. With our help you stand out from the competition!


Why our offer?

On the market there are many design companies, but we give a full guarantee of satisfaction with our services, how this confidence? It is simple, we have experience which provide us the effectiveness of the design, dozens of completed projects and innovative approach to the tasks entrusted to us. We are happy to listen to our customers and we try to give them what they actually need. Each project entrusted to us is matched to the specific nature of its activities, in addition distinguish your site in a way so that becomes noticeable almost immediately. Just take a look at our portfolio, collaboration with our agency, the springboard to your success. Contact us, we will answer all your questions and dispel doubts.

Our  address: CODESTA Design Boranta Street 15a/2
61-608 Poznan, Poland
Tax identification number: 6671007268, National Business Registry Number: 302273282

Why Codesta ?

WhyCodesta ?

We are distinguished by a professional approach to work. Each project is carried out separately using the latest technology. We do not duplicate, do not copy and do not use the hackneyed patterns. We are 100% unique.

In the sector of Internet technology we have been operating successfully for many years. The projects were created in the past millennium, in the known nowadays companies and agencies websites. With such a long presence in the industry we constantly evolve, and today even we are proud of our rich experience. We have met so far almost all standards of projects, from simple websites, through shops, portals to complex applications. On our account we have many copyright solutions.

The biggest challenge for us is dedicated projects, with extensive functionality. So far successfully realized applications for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as took park in activities co-financed from EU funds, as well as realizations for NATO. Today we can boast of success and recognizability many traders who trusted us. Experience acquired enables us to take the most demanding challenges.

We are characterized by high flexibility, we are open to any proposals for change and the solutions proposed by our customers. Our offer is not constant and homogenous, it may undergo changes with your needs. We are up to date with all modern technologies, and therefore constantly improve our qualifications, and consequently the quality of our services. With us you leave the competition far behind, because we are always one step ahead.

Do you have an idea that you want to implement in your own company, but you are not quite sure how to do it? Our offer does not include this type of service? Write to us, surely we can find a mutual agreement and we will develop solutions tailored to the specifics of your business. Together we can do more, just a little bit of good will and commitment and that is what we have a lot. Contact us and see what else we have to offer.

The approach to graphic design is extremely important, that is why we strive to be distinguished thanks to originality and innovation. We always rely on technological news and our rich experience. This allows us to meet even the biggest of your requirements. This concerns both the graphic, as well as dedicated applications or copyright online stores and other services in our shop. This confirmed by all projects realized by us.

Our websites are created according to the latest trends, because we keep track Internet market. Nothing will escape from our attention. Any improvement or new solution is immediately checked by us and adapted to the needs of our customer. We are perfectly aware that the one who does not go forward, this actually goes backwards, and we always run ahead as fast as it is possible! Join with us the finish, which determines the success of your business.

Our solutions are characterized by high efficiency. Our actions in fact bring real results. Each of our implementation is tailored to the specificities of the business in such a way that appeals to its potential customers. Similarly, in the case of dedicated applications, which will save your time, as well as financial resources. With us your will build a great brand, which will be perceived by customers and become extremely popular and recognizable. Start making money on your copyright online store and see that this is not so difficult.

The results of our work can be seen in a very short time. We focus on long-term relations and we try to support you at every stage of the business. Our services have benefited many satisfied customers. Join them, if you still have doubts, please contact us to speak about all the details. You will find out what else we can do for you.

Our heads are full of ideas, which we can use in practice. Even in the free time we are trying to develop our passions and talents. The Codesta team it is a group of people who have a creative approach to life. Are you looking for solutions that will distinguish your website from the competition? For us it is not a problem.

We like challenges and we are happy to take it. If you have a problem with the site please contact us and we will certainly to something to help you. Original, distinctive graphics, page layout, which will fit into a specific target group – all of this we are able to provide and also much more. If you have a specific idea for your website, we will do it. If you do not have, that is not a problem, we create everything from the beginning.


Our  address

Our address

339 665 666 84+


61-608 Poznan, Boranta Street 15a/2

Tax identification number: 6671007268
National Business Registry Number: 302273282

Are you interested in our services?

Please contact our Customer Service office, which will present you detail of our offer. We also invite you to visit, just please come, call or send a message – we will talk together about your project. We work from: Mo-Fr 9.00-16.00, Sa 9.00-14.00 PLN +48 666 566 933
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